Hi. My name is Hristo Hristov.
I am an SEO Consultant and Indie Software Developer from Sofia, Bulgaria.
HEADMasterSEO is the latest SEO Tool I've released.
I write about digital marketing at the blog


about me

I have 15 years of experience in building software products and marketing them online through SEO. I have a passion for reverse engineering Google patents/algorithms.

Being an indie developer, I never intended to do SEO consulting, but after getting a few enquires I started helping other businesses.

I've had the privilege of working with some great companies like my longest standing client which I've helped for over 10 years. They grew massively and sold their business for $270mil.

I have also sold over 7000 licenses of my own software products and I'm working on two software tools right now.

seo consulting

For a no bullshit approach to SEO, you can contact me for a consultation.

My SEO advice is 100% within the Google webmaster guidelines. Work with me and your website will delight your customers and ace the Google algorithms.